Apple iPhone X: review/analysis [video]

There is a little more than 2 months, Apple unveiled the new smart phones up to bring more technology to the fans of the brand. In the AD, the brand showed growth Models: iPhone 8 and iPhone X. The first is just an evolution of what we’ve seen in the past, but the second is to be the product that Apple is very much built to revolutionize your family iPhone.

IPhone X is to be a model that breaks the monotony in the line of Apple’s design had been traveling until now. In the same direction of devices like the Xiaomi Mi mix Samsung Galaxy S8, the new model of Apple, introduced the giant that occupies the entire frontal space.

With betting on the OLED technology on the screen, insert a news — like wireless charging — the development of new forms of thinking even with more powerful processor, Apple has made in a real buzz to bring innovation to consumers. Will all the changes result in the iPhone? Let’s check it out!


Especificações do iPhone X

The design of the Witch that Conquest in the first look

It has been a good few years that Apple is no significant change in the design of the much-coveted iPhone. From the point of view of a loyal consumer base — as well as the production makes a lot of sense to keep the composition similar between the different models in the line.

However, the recession in the same visual can be a source of inconvenience for the conquest of new users, even more so given that people have access to countless options of brands and models. Many manufacturers have realized that users are always looking for proposals for more modern and innovative.

So Apple worked in a distinctive design that draws attention in many aspects. Know these concepts of the iPhone appeared, there has left us impressed? IPhone X is far more impressive than most people imagined. Up in the colors silver or space gray, with a flawless finish.

Design do iPhone X

When you pick up the unit for the first time, you will soon realize that he no longer has a button front and a fingerprint sensor. Only these changes are already too large, since the brand propose here the experience is quite distinct.

It will not be possible to transfer this plug-in? Apple opted to join the big screen that occupies all the space in front of the instrument, so that there was no way to keep them more in this area. In addition, it is clear that the brand didn’t see a lot of advantage in getting on the Back button, because this would change a lot of thinking can be a problem for the user.

And talk in the back, it is not very different from what we have already seen in the iPhone 7 plus iPhone 8 Plus, with the exception of the position of the cameras. Now, the components of the image in my head design. In practice, changes almost nothing, because they are still in the same corner, which already uses the other iPhone you should not have any difficulty with this change.

Parte de trás do iPhone X

As usual, Apple is facing with coating glass, both in front and back. This ensures the footprint is very convenient and helps a lot in the use of the screen. The novelty is that the material of the iPhone X is the most resistance that Apple has already created, which should ensure some boosters less careful. However, it is important to note that we are not yet talking about the technology that is scratch proof or break.

Dialogue continued on the sides to ensure the composition is very attractive, and the buttons are already common on the iPhone to track their positions. Although the screen is large, the implementation of all the front space results in a lower unit, where there are no edges around the screen. Thus, even with the big size, it is very easy to hold the iPhone X and use them in any activities.

Conector iPhone X

Speakers audio and data connector (which also serves on the headset charge the battery) not its position changed, which ensures familiarity with the other iPhone. It is clear that the camera situated on the back still bothers me a little, but it is almost impossible to escape from it without increasing the thickness of the device, something that Apple certainly doesn’t want a top of the line.

Like the other iPhones recent, the X model comes with IP67 certification, meaning it can soak up to 30 minutes in places up to 1 meter deep without damage. In our experiments with running water, we didn’t have any problems, so you should not be afraid of chuvinhas or accidents.

Giant screen amazing colorful

Now, it is clear that all the magic happens when you connect the iPhone X for the first time, you can see all the new design of Apple at work. The screen of this model has a good thought in all the details. In addition to being huge, it takes up the entire front and rounded edges, which makes the Visual much like that of the Galaxy S8 or Im more.

Despite the similarities with Apple’s competitors is smiling his way to your iPhone should surprise fans of the instrument. It is important to note that we are talking about the first OLED screen technology in an iPhone with a screen that Apple says have been designed specifically for this model.

Tela do iPhone X

Yes, it is true that other brands like Samsung and Motorola already use this type of screen for a long time, but Apple claims that until now nothing of that will meet the standards of quality and reason for the delay of the deployment view of the genre on the iPhone.

For many, this may seem small talk, but when we noticed the details in the reproduction of the content in this presentation, it is clear that the iPhone X really has a wonderful quality. The vibrant colors, which makes the pictures clearer. In addition, it is worth noting that the dark tones are deeper, which results in marked contrast.

In fact, we have here a new world of colors on the iPhone, something noticeable from the first use, when the icons look like 3D. Even the video doesn’t do justice to the quality of this show, so, if you want to really understand why the praise of this place, I recommendation: try to use the iPhone x

OLED do iPhone X

As well as other devices of the brand displayed here is also a technology, true tone, which adjusts the colors and brightness in the environment. Now, in terms of brightness, the iPhone X may not surprise consumers who already have a Galaxy or Motorola with the AMOLED, but it still delivers a balanced brightness, which guarantees a well perception of all the colors on the screen.

OLED display iPhone X fine-tuning the colors that impresses in video games!

It is clear that with the major changes in screen size, Apple also had to make changes in the dimensions of the screen. With a screen taller, change the ratio to 19.5:9, which can be a small problem, in some cases, because some of the videos and games may not be fully adapted to the available space of the screen.

Resolução do iPhone X

It is undeniable that the quality of the retina always impressive, so you surely must already imagine that scheme on the iPhone X’s more eye-catching. Resolution in this model is 2436×1125 pixels, which ensures the definition of 458 pixels per inch. There are some devices from other brands with the Screen Quad HD, but that doesn’t make the super Retina display of the Apple TV to be lower. On the contrary, they are very expressive!

Cameras to capture your world with detail

When the subject is photography, nobody has the courage to criticize the cameras in the iPhone, because it has always been a leader in this sector. This is the thing that has changed in the iPhone X, even more so taking into account that Apple seeks to achieve the example of the iPhone to consumers in that Edition.

It is clear that the resolution of the cameras is important, but the numbers don’t mean much, even more when people talk of Apple. In the case of the iPhone X, sensor 12 megapixels might seem little to those who have smartphones with 16 MP or more, but the large size of the sensor is what makes the photo amazing. Check out the gallery:

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-18Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-26Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-35Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-42Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-47Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-54Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-58Apple iPhone X: Review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-02Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-07Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-11Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-15Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-19Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-26Apple iPhone X: review/analysis

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Two lenses on the back work together in many cases to create compositions far more beautiful. Wide angle with the aperture at f/1.8 is ideal for most scenarios, makes the pictures very clear. Telephoto with the aperture at f/2.4 is also very welcome, as it helps in bringing the visual and in images with a clear background.

By the way theArises from the focus, everything here is very fast thanks to the Processor. Just click on the screen to get the iPhone X to adjust the picture in fractions of a second. Part of the secret of good pictures is also in the depth sensor and the mapping of the face that help to create images with clarity or simulator that you’re in the studio. In short, ideal for those addicted to selfies.

Câmeras do iPhone X

Despite being very effective in most cases, it is important to note that not everything is fine. Photo mode is still in beta, so some crashes are common in certain situations. It is clear that no one takes one selfie, so just repeat this process to get the best results.

The interface adapts to the big screen

It is clear that the new iPhone with new dimensions and a new drug requires a brand new iOS. So Apple has the design part of the system includes new features that allow to get an enjoyable experience with the iPhone X. This is the truth, Yes, 11 iOS has changed somewhat to adapt to the iPhone which has no buttons, but everything seems more easy and practical.

iOS 11 no iPhone X

First, it is worth noting that this is more or less iOS that you already know of the current hardware, but has some special tricks New which ensures navigation is quick and very rich in detail. The new iOS adapt to the big screen of the iPhone X, the distribution of symbols in a smart way and make use of rounded corners for specific tasks.

The central control in the upper right corner, while the notifications can be accessed on the left. On the first screen, and these spaces used to display a clock and data connection, Wi-Fi, and many others. In video games, this space can be used to display part of the content.

Face ID no iPhone X

Now with the exception of minor adjustments, the big news of iOS 11 iPhone X is the destination identity, which leads to a change of the form of login and interaction. The unit does not have sensor biometric, the recognition of the user who did it in front of the camera. IPhone X Subscribe your face quickly and makes it open the screen just 1 or 2 seconds.

Already there are reports of people who were able to pay attention to the face ID of some form, but we are quite satisfied about the performance of the intelligence of this tool. Works in any environment can be opened even in dark environments. In addition, it does not matter much if you use glasses or with a different hairstyle, because it is quite smart.

Barrinha do iOS 11 no iPhone X

Return to the system in general, now each app has a bar at the bottom of this is to reduce the program and open the other items. This makes it a lot easier, but it is curious to see the video in full screen and have this element in there that can mess up also in games and other applications. It’s not the end of the world, but it is something that alters the action of the new iPhone.

Well, you want to access the applications in the recent work in the switch? Then simply drag your finger from the bottom to the top and stop moving in the middle. Siri is also a little different. Now you can run it by pressing the side button operation very fast and intuitive!


Users who like more, Apple has included animojis for you to use in-app Messaging, and there is still access apps with augmented reality. All this leaves the iPhone X more glamorous and interesting for those who want more than a new design.

Flawless performance

All cell phone top of the line, iPhone X performance which leaves no wishes unfulfilled in any situation. Anyone who’s used an iPhone knows that this is always one of the priorities of Apple. Although the brand is not always to get the highest score in all the criteria, you will always take care to provide incredible performance in the system in applications.

AnTuTu no iPhone X

To bring innovation to the consumer is always looking for the best, Apple has developed a new processor on this mobile phone. New iPhone chip to hear, because it comes with a graphics chip designed by Apple itself. Apple A11 electronic account with a processor of six cores, they run at 2.39 GHz. In practice, this means higher performance anyway.

Has 4.3 billion transistors, it is clear that all the cores are faster than those of Apple’s A10 fusion. Now amazing are the good results of the standards. Well, again worth recording that can’t be the hero in all cases, but the numbers show that the level of any stop and will not leave you in the hand at the time of the games.

3DMark no iPhone X

Finally, to accompany the Processor, Apple has included 3 GB of RAM, which give an account quiet of multitasking. In the storage part we have 64 GB and 256 GB. Then, as to performance, it is clear that the new iPhone is a beast!

Battery health

In energy question, the iPhone X could not be surprised from the capacity of the battery, which is only 2.716 mAh (Yes, less than quو you must have already seen in Devices of competitors), but don’t let that fool you because it is very well used and has high range.

Even with the smaller capacity of the iPhone 7 plus they can last almost the whole day. Of course this always depends on the usage mode, but in order to run video files with WiFi can last nearly 10 hours. How is this possible? Well, the new processor provides plenty of power.

Bateria do iPhone X

In addition we have the issue of the new screen. Despite being the largest in the high dimensional precision, which means high energy consumption in some cases, the OLED technology helps a lot in saving resources in other cases.

If you see many videos on YouTube, side rails shrink the size of the reproduction, saving some battery. Outside of that, this screen can completely erase the pixels in the Color Black, which also results in the life of a larger battery. Another novelty is that the iPhone X compatible with the wireless charger. Finally, isn’t it?

Som do iPhone X

To the extent that we still have the power of sound on the iPhone X. it is clear that the sound has a very important role in games and movies, so, knowing this, Apple has developed a system for immersive Audio that makes the image almost 3D. I got really serious makes you immerse in the games and movies.

Worth it?

Anyway, after all this, it remains for us to say what is obvious: the iPhone X is the best phone Apple had already developed. No, it’s not perfect, but it really is incredible in so many senses, as though saying with the different techniques that we saw in the devices of the other competitors, it brings many innovations to the fans of the brand, or things unseen in the iPhone.

We are fully satisfied with the construction quality, new design, a giant screen with colorful, wonderful, new experiences of the iOS, sound, and, of course, with the performance of the iPhone provided by the Processor A11 electronic. As always, Apple makes a very full Delivery, a variety of developments.

Tela de bloqueio no iPhone X

Now we have the bad news you certainly already I was expecting to get the text. It is theyClear that the iPhone can only be sold at the price of the iPhone, so if you are interested in buying, now you can prepare to invest R $ 7 thousand in the 64 GB or R $ 7.8 million in the issuance of 256 GB.

If it is worth it? No, it’s not worth it. No cell phone in the world worth that price, Apple exaggerated a lot in price here in Brazil. There, the iPhone X will cost$ 1 thousand, which is already very high up to North American consumers. Logical thinking ideal would be the price of my friend close to R$ 4 thousand, but rarely see the modifications in value.

So being even a mobile phone great at everything, we cannot recommend it, even for those who are looking for a lot of luxury and space, since devices other innovative as the iPhone X can buy much smaller amounts. Now, if you’re a fan of the iPhone and money is not a problem, then this model can be ordered perfect for you to try out the new iOS.

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