Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/analysis [video]

In the race for smart phone market top of the line, and Motorola clearly decided to bet on if you keep different from the main rivals, but also don’t expect to cover well the basics on the bike Z2 power. If on one hand this means that the design of the device still has edges is very large, on the other hand, this means that it comes with some unique features that are able to generate legal expertise.

Screen unbreakable is an example. However, this means you won’t have to buy the movie? Not exactly. And Dual cameras, on the same level as your main competitors? Still not also, but this can be a matter of time. And the performance? This is great, Yes. These and other important points about the device explained in the analysis that you read below.

Especificações Moto Z2 Force

Diferentão function.

The design of the bike Z2 power similar to the Z2 play, which means that it has a premium style, but without following the direction of the screen without borders. At this point, Motorola decided to move the logo from top to bottom, and margin-bottom with giant size. Missing less than 1 mm to get to 2 inches full.

The lower margin of the bike Z2 power can be up to nearly 2 cm

This bothers me a little but I still think that loneliness is beautiful. However, those who prefer design more balanced, you probably won’t like it, I can understand why. The only thing I didn’t like Is that the Z2 strength does not come with a headphone jack, which is strange if you consider that the Z2 play has its input P2, and the two have exactly the same thickness.

Another point that a lot of people don’t enjoy is calombo camera, but in the case of line Z from the Motorola works to assist in securing the modular accessories in place. There they sit flush when you have the style of shell or other snap in place like a battery. Without the accessories the unit light and very comfortable to hold and increase the weight with the power pack, the footprint is still large.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

Difficult to enforce

Screen unbreakable is certainly the thing that draws attention in any phone that promises this. In the case of technology ShatterShield of Motorola, the company says that the screen is the camera lens the background will not crack or shatter in the event of accidents, which is already a guarantee of both. But this does not mean that mobile will continue flawlessly, nothing to do, even after you find ugly.

When you receive a mobile phone with a screen unbreakable, of course, what everyone wants to do is tear down to the ground. And here in the news room, which also happened. Consider all the atrocities that we have had with him, the current state and Z2 to say that we have received so impresses.

We did tests of the brutal with the Z2 strength and survived with only scratches, without breaking the

The screen actually survived without serious damage even after falling many times at different angles; however, as it is the only protection against cracks and chipping, the show ended up full of risks, it’s okay. This is not due to use, but leaves the device ugly after that accumulates. The good side is that even the movies with the simplest able to protect against this type of damage.

The body of the bike Z2 strength aluminium Series 7 thousand, which also helps to prevent wrinkles and other serious abnormalities. After being knocked off on a smartphone countless times, the rest of the entire body, and damage is limited to scratches on the back and parts of the dialogue which has lost a bit of paint.

And that was the people here that it was excited to throw the mobile phone in a bow to the top with force, which led to the strike force in the pipeline of these before they fall to the ground. And Z2 the strong survived this and gained only a small mark on the side. To show you that I’m not just chat, as we did a drop test on the ladder of our audit.

Drop test Moto Z2 Force

You can see the result in the video at the end of this text, but the GIF above shows a bit of decline. To end this section, it is worth noting that the Z2 play water resistant in the beginning, but not water proof – this is a bit of rain or a glass of spilled by accident should not cause problems, but let the mobile phone race is not a good idea.

The quality of the screen

Leaving the stamina aside and are now talking of the other qualities of the screen of the bike Z2 power here we really should not complain. Super AMOLED screen, with a screen of 5.5 inches, and the resolution is Quad HD (2560 × 1440 pixels). With all of this, top of the line Motorola achieves an excellent level of detail, bright color and fun and a great contrast and deep blacks.

The intensity of the glow is not from the strongest that I have ever seen on a mobile phone, but it is good enough for you to be able to use it under strong sunlight without any problems. Considering all these points, the screen experience is really worth of top of the line.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

Good catch, but slow

After that cameras bike Z2 power comes with a dual system like the Moto g5s plus, but have some differences. Are the two sensors of the 12 megapixels, with Aperture f/2.0, one colorful and the other black and white – no optical zoom here. However, more than the number of megapixels from the top of the line is smaller than that of the broker many other factors that affect the time of image capture of the lens quality the sensors to the power of the image processing. Then the cell edge can be the best results.

Photos taken under the daylight or in indoor environments leave good with a great level of detail and bright colors. Also gives only sensors use black and white to make images without color without the aid of filters, the result is cool. Compared to the g5s in addition to thefocus Speed Increased, the time between the Click of the catch has declined, but these two things are still not instant as is the case in most of the rivals top of the line. Time to take each photo still bothers me a little bit here.

Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/analysis of

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-49Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-53Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/analysis of


The program also comes with the same characteristics of the mediator, including background blur editing effects that allow you to change the intensity of the after image blur already saved. You can leave only part of the picture in black and white or replace the script image again, but these last two posts is still in beta and will only work right if you plan well records and insist even out all right.

With practice you will get the hang of it, it gets a little easier, but even so it won’t always be right. Motorola to improve the software of the camera Z2 power with time to get faster and do these effects better, but now he’s top of the line leaves a little to be desired.

Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-01Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-06Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-11Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/analysis of

p://localhost/conteudoads/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/imagem01-12-2017-11-12-15-1.jpeg” alt=”imagem01-12-2017-11-12-15″ width=”800″ height=”400″ />the Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-19Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-24Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-28606403.jpg?w=794&h=529&mode=max” data-rsbigimg=””>Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-34Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-40Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-47Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-53Motorola MOTO Z2 power: review/analysis of


At the front camera sensor of 5 megapixels and Aperture f/2.2 can do a great job in the time of selfies in environments well-lit and does not suffer from the same problem of lens flare that we saw in the g5s plus. In addition, Z2 force is not acceptable to work on the selfies of the night and gives a better result in the dark if you use Dual flash front with color correction.

At the time of the videos, the cell was able to produce records of foreign all at 4K resolution, both in the sensor black and white color, but the quality drops a bit in indoor environments. In addition to a better system of reception of images would be very welcome here. In slow motion mode you can choose between Full HD resolution at 120 frames per second or HD 240 frames per second.

Multitasking is the word

On cameras bike Z2 force still has something to improve performance is to send good. The processor is the top of the current line of Qualcomm , the Snapdragon 835 that Motorola comes with a maximum Clock 2.35 GHz – slightly less than the 2.45 GHz this same chip is able to achieve in some rivals. Even if the monster has good performance such as competitors at all.

Use very fast both in applications in general, and in general mobile phone Motorola also does not suffer from anything, from the lightest to the heaviest. Here in Brazil, the company opted to bring the Z2 power with 6 GB of RAM in total, and ends this has a major impact on its ability to handle multiple tasks.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

Several times I have to open the game early in the morning after to distract me something and forgotten in the background. So I ended up going to another games, social networking, drawing, taking pictures and everything and when I got back to the house at the end of the day, and saw that the game was still exactly where you left off. This is the kind of thing that I haven’t seen it, nor in the oneplus 5 that I tested, with 8 GB of RAM.

Z2 power comes with 64 GB of storage, which is not exactly the silly space, but it gives to install whatever you want without the suffocation. If you need to, but you can also put a micro SD card and transfer photos videos and music there to more interior space.


To see how the bike Z2 of the force risks in comparison with its main competitors, the instrument defined three applications of the standard. Tests used 3DMark (slingshot extreme), the AnTuTu benchmark 6 and Vellamo mobile standards, HTML5 and minerals).

3DMark Moto Z2 Force benchmark

3D mark offers a series of tests to measure the smart phones. Among them, the slingshot extreme allows you to compare directly between the processors and GPUs in the contents above are Full HD. The display resolution is one of the factors that can affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

AnTuTu Moto Z2 Force benchmark

App AnTuTu 6 allows you to test the interface, CPU, GPU and RAM of the hardware. Results are given individually, and summed to generate the total score. And here also is the maximum of the points: the more the better.

ntent/uploads/2017/12/vellamo-moto-z2-benchmark.jpeg” alt=”Vellamo bike Z2-benchmark” width=”800″ height=”400″ />

On the Vellamo mobile benchmark applied tests on smart phones, driving performance through access to online content through web browsers in the first and the performance of the processor in the second. Again, larger numbers indicate better results.

Android with benefits

Now go to the interface, well, here I think I need to point out that the Visual is still closely following the Android draw in a pure version, with a few differences of customs. In this way, the system comes with a minimalist style steering wheel with enough agility without feelings or display of difficulties at any time.

In addition to all the practical features that the Motorola has brought the Moto Z2 play is also here, including movements that serve to open faster the camera or turn on the flashlight without having to touch the screen and the possibility to change the Navigation buttons and gestures on the fingerprint sensor. Since I am mentioning a biometric reader, it is worth saying that it also works very fast and without difficulty when you unlock the phone.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

Repetition sounds

In the absence of the own processor as the bixby, Siri or Cortana , Z2 force comes with two different ways to connect with your voice. One of them is the solution of Motorola’s Moto voice. Before use, you can open the app to a bike that already comes factory-installed enter in the “Moto Voice”, click “audio configuration”.

The phone will then ask you to go to a quiet place and repeat some phrases, which will allow him to recognize your voice even when the screen is off. After that, it is possible to use the command “Show me” of course to ask about simple things. To know about the product, for exampleNo, I say, “Show me the weather”.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

This feature is interesting, but ends up limited, especially if you consider that the Z2 force already comes with Google processor. There is only you to configure the voice recognition app from Google , and will give ask for the same kind of thing also use commands a bit more complicated, such as “Ok, Google. Set an alarm tomorrow at 6 and a half hours in the morning.”

Battery in good measure

The battery is the point that the bike Z2 power surprises. Even so only OMR 2.730 mAh capacity top of the line Motorola achieved a good milestone in the stress test. Play a video on YouTube without interruption for a period of 1 hour with the screen brightness at the Maximum Unit consume enough energy to stand exactly 10 hours before running out of power.

This was the second best result among the top of the line tested in 2017, just behind the oneplus 5. Yes, there are some devices more frequently run much larger than the numbers, Zenfone 3 zoom , the Galaxy J5 Pro and Own the bike, E4 plus , and Z2 play the Motorola, but even though it was a good score.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

During normal use, this means that you can make the Z2 power withstand a full day away from an outlet with a bit of moderation in the use. If you are a user as well as intensive at least gives stay quiet knowing that the turbo charger from Motorola can make a phone go from zero to 100% in 1 hour and a half. Of this total, 40% charged in just half an hour, which gives the already survival good mobile phone.

Power units

However, if we talk about the battery units of the mobile Motorola, it is also valid to speak about the snap that comes along with the power The Group Z2 of the force. If you are a user as well as intensive, as is the case this is certainly additional alluring. The extension adds 2.220 mAh to energy reserves in the cell, which leaves him with almost 5,000 mAh.

As the facets of energy work separate, a stress test will not be able to give a good prediction of the maximum duration of the battery fully, but in actual use you see the difference. I’m the type who uses a mobile phone in a straightforward manner, from time to time get up to 12 hours of the screen in just one day – here including online games, videos, photos, social networking, GPS, among other things.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

With a snap the battery in place and the family Z, Motorola was able to continue at a high level of usage, and get home in the evening without that I had to maneirar purpose without recharging during the day, which did not happen with top of the line that I’ve tested so far. I love it. Finally it should be noted that the Z2 force is more heavy and thick with a snap of the drums, but nothing ridiculous, and the footprint in the smartphone becomes better with accessories.


Go to the photo the box photo the front and managed to achieve a decent size. The sound quality is also good, but fall a little in size and more powerful. Only unfortunate that Motorola did not use all the space on the bottom edge of the screen to the second speaker, at least would leave the stereo sound.

Box of Z2 power includes headphones earplugs of good quality, that fit well in the ear very good sound. Supplement contains type connector P2, but the mobile phone does not have this entry, you are required to use the adapter that comes along in the box. One the one hand, this is good because you can use the phone anywhere you want without problems. But on the other hand, it is bad because you have to be walking around with a connector on each side.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

Lost? You will not be able to use headphones with Cable Channels. Motorola has included in the package borrachinha to help you let go of the accessory and the headset stuck to one another, but this does not solve a lot of things.

To finish, there is also a bike continue. You can’t deny that the accessories quality and to add statutory functions to the smartphone. The problem is the individual price of them. If you find any offer, you will have to pay $ 400 power pack, R $ 800 for the Gamepad and up to R$ 1.5 thousand before the show, by the camera.

jpeg” alt=”Motorola MOTO Z2 review” width=”800″ height=”400″ />

Lasts come out cheaper if you buy a kit that includes the cellular along with one of the units, but this forces to choose only one of the accessories to take advantage of the low value. However, in the case of top of the line, Motorola is selling the device here in Brazil without any snap or with the power pack, so there is no way to choose the sets with other accessories.

Worth it?

Bike Z2 force kicked off in Brazil with the official price of R $ 3 thousand, which is not low value, but is certainly less than 4 billion dollars that the majority of the competing companies determined to Own the hardware top of the line here. Recently the company decided to cut the official value of R $ 2.5 million – and if you are in search of, you can find some deals on the online retailers which make the smartphone cheaper than that.

Motorola Moto Z2 Force review

All interested before snap the battery you can find on the Z2 say the range on the website of Motorola for $ 3 thousand, but in this case it is difficult to find other places that sell this cheaper package. In addition, like the device itself can already be found less than R$ 2.5 thousand, and the power pack costs$ 400, pay the amount that the company requests a kit with all of the simply does not make sense.

Be that as it may, the value of the right attention to the package – with the screen separated and more – especially if you don’t want to risk import top of the line Chinese. The only aspect that can leave no doubt the same as the speed cameras that are good and may be faster with some future updates, but currently is not on the same level of sophisticated smart phones competitors.

Select another unit and compare Moto Z2 Force

Bike Z2 power

Create price alert version of the system OperacionalAndroid 7.1.1 NougatTipo of TelaP-OLED with a capacity of 16 million coresTamanho of Tela5,5 polegadasResolução of Tela1440 x 2560 pixelsChipsetQualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835Memória RAM6 GB of RAMArmazenamento Interno64 GBCartão of MemóriamicroSD, expandable up to 256 GBCâmera TraseiraDual 12 MP, f/2.0, leisure & Face Detection, the autofocoCapacidade of Bateria2730 mAhcompare more products? Latest newsMoto Z2 Force size-full wp-image-176″ src=”http://localhost/conteudoads/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/moto-z2-force-2.jpeg” alt=”Moto Z2 Force” width=”800″ height=”400″ />the latest NotíciasBenchmark reveals the specifications of the bike Z2 say, check there are 146 days


Then what do you think of the bike Z2 power? Write your opinion any questions that you have left here in the comments that I can answer as fast as you can. Looking to buy one? Then check the following links with the best prices that we found.

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