Quantum sky: review/analysis [video]

The quantum sky is the smartphone that it is currently the top of the line brand Brazilian, in fact the devices of the left framed between the mobile phones of the market intermediaries. For this reason, it is expected that the device will arrive on the same level as that of the device of the party to the largest corporate, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it’s not.

The mobile phone of the Brazilian company have weaknesses, such as battery duration, but comes with a performance that fits in the price range and also brings some other interesting points. Want to know more about the sky? Then check out our full review.

Especificações Quantum Sky

The controversial, but beautiful

Let’s start with the design, because here you already have a table. The front is made of glass with the edges slightly rounded, while the body is made of a shiny metal. The rear camera is a bit prominent but this is not enough trouble. In general, it is a beautiful look and pass the feeling of good quality to the unit.

But why, then, we affirm that this item is controversial? What happens is that if you have noticed that looks almost identical to that of the Chinese smartphone, the Gionee A1. Even the hardware is very similar, which left some people with the back foot. I, particularly, prefer to offer the smartphone in and of itself, and in the aesthetic side of it pleased me.

Quantum Sky

Be that as it may, the fact is that the back is smooth and can be a little slippery. A good thing for clumsy this quantum included capinha transparent and even film to the screen inside the box of the mobile. And I want to talk here, too, quantum sky don’t have a degree of water resistance.

The screen needs

The screen is definitely one of the positive points of most solids quantum sky. The size of the 5.5 inch is great, but without exaggeration. The Full HD resolution creates images with a large amount of details and colors balanced and highlighted. Even the depth of the Black I was surprised that makes the IPS LCD used in the owe a little to the AMOLED.

I think that the only drawback which really makes a difference in technology that quantum chose to use the effect on energy consumption, but this will give more details later. Be that as it may, the experience of the use of the screen sleeve the sky is very good, both at the time of video games as well as through common use. Could be better? Yes, but for the mobile broker is already more than excellent.

Quantum Sky

Good performance, large area

As for the performance, the instrument also did not disappoint. Processor Octa-core MediaTek along with 4 GB of RAM sufficient for smooth rotation and without incidents. The speed of opening and switching between apps is also good. Of course, the analysis of applications in quantum heaven, not by United States cellular end of the market, but for the Mediterranean is a constant do a good job.

At the time of the games, the sky is also doing well and able to run everything with the performance cool. Even addresses a bit more advanced with the advanced graphics work without silencing significantly. Don’t expect the same fire-power devices are more expensive, but even so it gives the broth for those who like to play in your spare time or in transport.

Quantum Sky

A legal point of mention here is the internal storage of the phone, which has at least 64 GB. This is a good number, and places the interior space of the quantum hearing in front of many competitors in the range of R $ 1.5 million – this can still be increased with a micro SD card, but there is a serious warning here.


To see how quantum sky if in comparison with its main competitors, the instrument defined three applications of the standard. Tests used 3DMark (ice storm unlimited) AnTuTu benchmark 6 and Vellamo mobile standards, HTML5 and minerals).

Quantum Sky 3DMark Benchmark

3D mark offers a series of tests to measure the smart phones. Including ice storm unlimited allows you to directly compare processors and graphics processing units. The display resolution is one of the factors that can affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

Quantum Sky AnTuTu Benchmark

App AnTuTu 6 allows you to test the interface, CPU, GPU and RAM of the hardware. Results are given individually, and summed to generate the total score. And here also is the maximum of the points: the more the better.

Quantum Sky Vellamo Benchmark

On the Vellamo mobile benchmark applied tests on smartphones, and evaluate the performance of the cell during access to content on the Internet through web browsers and the performance of the processor in the second. Again, larger numbers indicate better results.

Dilemma cards

Quantum sky two paper path in the tray. One of them is a micro SIM, while the other serves both the Nano SIM card and micro SD. Here is the problem. Standard SIM-used in many household appliances already makes more than 2 years – which is more or less the time that the majority of people requires a change of the mobile phone.

This way, there are great chances of those who buy this smartphone now use the slide Nano. Here you will be able to use hybrid space to put a memory card if you buy a transformer to convert a Nano to micro SIM, which is a good thing kind of boring.

Quantum Sky

The interface in the measure

In the category interface of the quantum opted for an approach Very close to the Android draw the pure in version 7.0. The only noticeable difference in the icons of the apps that come pre-installed, which the face of its own, but still follow the lines of the material design of Google.

As to the program, amendments and do not come filled =’http://www.tecmundo.com.br/apps/’ target=’_blank’ title=’applications’>applications is not necessary, the wheel system smooth all the time, and use very fluid and responsive all the time. No secrets no person has ever used pure Android (or almost pure).

Development is via the capacitive buttons beside the Home key, which can be programmed to allow functions to return recent apps in the order you want. Center mechanical button must be pressed to take you to the house, but also includes a fingerprint sensor. It is just a finger touch to the registrar to unlock the device. The speed of opening is good but not enough to be impressive.

Quantum Sky

It is also worth to notify that the quantum hearing comes with a FM Radio application, which requires only that you plug the headset as an antenna so that the signal to be picked up without problems. And you can even record what you are rolling in the station you tune to.

Cameras less than expected

Cameras is the point that I was expecting a bit more from the quantum hearing. The rear sensor from Sony has a 13 MP with Aperture f/2.0 which allows you to make photos with good definition in the environments, well lit. Is agile both in time and focus in the visits and the sound comes out With rich details and colors legal under the rays of the sun or internal scenarios with strong lights.

However, it is only to go darker environments, and that the quality drops a lot. It is possible to use the LED flash or the night mode in an attempt to mitigate the sound, but the results are not very good anyway, and the colors end up a little deformed. Maximum video resolution Full HD at 30 frames per second, but the sound system installed is lacking here, and the recordings suffer a lot with any public or flicker.

Quantum sky: review/analysis

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-38quantum sky: review/analysis

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-49quantum sky: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-51quantum sky: review/analysis

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-57quantum sky: review/analysis of


The front camera even more than read the back of 16 MP in total, but the opening is the same – one of the problems also. Selfies in environments with strong lights is good, but in the dark, the situation is not ideal. Gives just to earn the difference. It is possible to use a grouping system to reduce some of the details of his face, but the advice here is the same as always: be careful not to put everything on maximum and end up looking like an alien.

In general, say that cameras quantum sky decent for an intermediate, but are far from being the best in the range of R$ 1.5 thousand.

Battery is good not to use

With battery 4.010 mAh battery, I expected this much Poison duration was at least decent from the article – and say that this is the case, but only if you don’t use a lot of smart phones. It is here that you tell me: how so? Thinking comes next.

In the stress test, with the continued play the video for 1 hours with the screen brightness at the maximum power consumption of the fish that will allow to hold only 5 and a half hours before running out of power – a scary bad. Reduce the brightness to half makes the total increase to 6 hours and 40 minutes, which is still quite a bit.

Quantum Sky

Use the device as normal, I realized that the battery ends up drained faster while the screen is off. Just spend 1 West vill in playing games or watching videos will be very difficult to spend the whole day away from the exit.

Already when I decided to test as well as the moderate use of the device, try to use it as minimal as possible just to respond to messages and appointments in the social networks, then yes the battery life surprised me. Gave to get quietly more than two days and still a bit of a pregnancy in the next morning, which means that the power consumption of the fish on standby is low and that the villain is really the technology that quantum used on the screen.

Any that the battery is good, but only for those who spend more time with the display of the mobile phone locked from operating. At the time of charging of the quantum sky can go from zero to approximately 43% in half an hour, but you need to stay about 2 hours and 10 minutes plugged in to get 100%.

Quantum Sky


Before concluding it is worth to speak also of the images. The voice box quantum sky is in a position that for me is the worst what can be, at the bottom of the device. However in this location, it is not difficult to end up covering the production of your hand when you go to Play or watch videos in landscape mode. Outside of that, good sound quality, but the sound is not up to the levels that are very strong.

At least the manufacturer compensates for the speaker is weak, including headphones, earplugs of good quality in the box in addition to capinha and of the movies that I mentioned above.

/quantum-sky-12.jpeg” alt=”quantum-sky” width=”800″ height=”400″ />

Worth it?

The official price of the quantum sky R$ 1.5 thousand, but you can find the R$ 1.350, if you pay the bill or at once to the credit card on the website of the Brazilian company. There, it is possible to find this model, silver with black, gold or white front.

In general, you can’t deny that the sky is a good unit. Has performance consistent with intermediate quality excellent storage screen with good pictures. In addition, the box includes capinha, movie headphones earplugs, what are the legal details.

On the other hand, the cameras ended up not being as good as you expected, leaving you with a lower quality of rivals in the same price range, such as the Zenfone 3 zoom , the bike g5s Plus and Galaxy J5 Proand others. So the point that really complicates things for the quantum hearing the duration of the battery which is only good if you really don’t take advantage of the strengths of the instrument. Then if it is to pick up the phone just to use messengers and social networks, it’s best to choose the cheapest.

Select another unit and compare Quantum Sky

Quantum sky

+GB+Prata+Octa+4+GB+RAM+C%C3%A2meras+13%2F16+MP+Tela+Full+HD+5%2C5%22+Android+7″ target=”_blank” class=”product-price”> Best Price 1.299,00 create price alert version of the system OperacionalAndroid 7.0 NougatTipo of TelaLCD IPS with resolution Full HDTamanho of Tela5.5 polegadasResolução screen-sliced memory RAM4 GB of RAMArmazenamento Interno64 GBCartão of MemóriamicroSD, expandable up to 256 GBCâmera Traseira13 MP, f/2.0 Aperture capability Bateria4010 mAhcompare more products? Latest newsQuantum SkyQuantum Skylatest NotíciasQuantum the sky: 5 the pros and cons in relation to competitors

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And you, what do you think about quantum sky? Leave your feedback and doubts that may be left in the comments below, answer as fast as you can. If you are interested in one of the devices that we mention here check out the following links with the best prices that we can find.

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