Samsung Galaxy S3: review/analysis [video]

The Galaxy S3 is the latest development in the line of tablets from the tip of Samsung and has several reasons for taking this position. However, with mobile phones with huge screens on one side ultrabooks increasingly thin and light the other, the company has been forced to try to negotiate between the organization with some experiences that highlight your strengths.

The result is a device that has a large screen, interesting features with the S Pen, good performance and a great soundtrack. Even so, as some of you know the points is not legal. Check out now our full review to know all about the device and decide whether it is worth the investment.

Especificações Galaxy Tab S3

The screen is good, but could be better

The vast majority of owners of tablets tend to use the device to watch movies and TV series; therefore, a good screen is the basic thing for this kind of products. Tab S3 comes with a Super AMOLED panel, which ensures the bright color and distinctive, Excellent contrast and deep blacks. In addition to the tablet can play back contents in the Human Development Report, which improves the experience more.

The screen is 9.7 inch and resolution QXGA, which is a standard to make the 4:3 format with a quality that is between Full HD and quad HD. The result is that the pixel density is not absurdly High, but the experience of using it is yes very good and you will be able to see a large amount of detail. Even in units with the price Tab S3 has, it would be nice if the screen came closer to 4K.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Another point that worth mentioning is the brightness of the screen, which can be taken to a very strong level that the device even warns you that this can end up causing fatigue to your eyes. This way, you will not have difficulties in the use of the tablet even if you are in an outdoor environment and strong sunlight.

The form of presentation makes it appear black bands in the video, and the resolution can be higher

Something bad 4:3 format is that the vast majority of content we consume today comes in the 16:9 unit arise black bands above and below the videos. In some cases, as in Netflix, so you can maximize the screen, but the sides of the images end up being cropped.

Functional design

You will design the Visual tab S3 has changed a bit over the last generation. Both the front and back made of glass, sides in metal with finishes well done. Overall, I found the tool all.

Great dialogue do not leave the unit with a modern feel that smart phones are more Samsung’s New, at least on the tablet they help to facilitate insight in the time to watch your videos without getting a touch screen. And is good even if you have how to hold the tab S3 with power because it is pesadinho – at least for those who intend to use the device without support for several hours.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The total weight of the tablet is nearly half a kilo, so you can eventually get in on the fun held for a long time in the same position. At this stage I felt the lack of some support in the back that can keep him standing. Like Samsung didn’t do this favor, those who want will have to buy capinha own this.

Another reason to buy a case of tab S3 is to protect the screen against scratches. All it took was a walk with a disk in his back a few days to show some scratches on the screen — including clear.

S Pen improved

One more thing that’s changed is the S-Pen that does not need to charge the battery for now have a tip to thin more and more sensitive to different levels of pressure. In addition, the body of the pen is thicker, with a footprint similar to that of the pencil, which is great.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

The downside is that the pen is thicker than the tablet and there is no one espacinho maroto for you to provide to take on the road. He learns to hold it on the side or rear by way of magnets that are inside the unit, but this does not secure the S-Pen very well. The result is that they eventually drop that it really is prescription to loss or damage.

The flexibility of the system with benefits

Interface of the Galaxy S3 are very similar to those that we see in the latest phones from Samsung like the S8 , the Note8 and J5 Pro. It is based on Android draw and is better than older versions of TouchWiz. The tablet doesn’t come with a ridiculous amount of apps installed, and this system works with enough agility, any signs of Give or gagging. The optic is also clean, which is another point in his favor.

With the S Pen, the software provides more options. Just approaching the tip of the pen on the screen to show the button on the shortcut menu that you can configure to give access to the functionality of the pen or open your favorite apps. Some great features are screen capture selectively the possibility of writing for a screenshot to send to some of the names.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

By pressing the pen button with the screen off, you can make your quick notes there, with a limit of four pages in the note. In addition, when you download a good app design, it is possible to make really great work with the edge thin and the accuracy levels of pen pressure – all at the limits of their technical skills, of course.


Let’s see how the Galaxy S3 comes out compared to the previous generation, the instrument defined three applications of the standard. Tests used 3DMark (ice storm unlimited) AnTuTu benchmark 6 and Vellamo mobile standards, HTML5 and minerals).

Galaxy Tab S3 3DMark benchmark

3D mark offers a series of tests to measure the smart phones. Including ice storm unlimited allows you to directly compare appreالخامات and graphics processing units. The display resolution is one of the factors that can affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

Galaxy Tab S3 AnTuTu benchmark

App AnTuTu 6 allows you to test the interface, CPU, GPU and RAM of the hardware. Results are given individually, and summed to generate the total score. And here also is the maximum of the points: the more the better.

Galaxy Tab S3 Vellamo teste

On the Vellamo mobile benchmark applied tests on smartphones, and evaluate the performance when accessing content on the Internet through web browsers and the performance of the processor in the second. Again, larger numbers indicate netBased on the results of the best.

Motorcycle spare parts

After the Performance, Tab S3 comes with a processor Snapdragon 820 – the same that appeared in many smart phones top of the line last year. Along with 4 GB of RAM tablet, chip to force people more than enough to run any application and game that is already available today, without difficulties. Even the most advanced games ride very well and didn’t suffer with give.

In addition, the experience of playing on the big screen of the tablet is legal, at least as long as your arms don’t become tired with the weight. It is a pity that the phone has only 32 GB of storage, which limits to some extent the amount of the heavy applications which you can leave installed. At least use a micro SD card to save photos and music, which frees some space for your favorite apps.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

It’s also worth noting that the tab S3 has a partner carrier, in case you want to use 3G networks and 4G, or make phone calls.

Cameras to break a twig

Where cameras, Tab S3 is a job that is just ok. The rear sensor of 13 MP makes the pictures even that good in the environments are well lit, but the quality is a lot in the dark and in the half-light. The same thing Applies on the front camera is 5 MP, but the results were slightly worse – especially in environments with lower lighting.

Is it possible to make videos in 4K in the rear camera, but lacks a better system stabilization and auto-focus tends to get lost if you walk. Also lets you make timelapse in Full HD, but the result only comes from reasonable if you rely on a stable stand.

Photos taken with the Galaxy S3:

Samsung Galaxy S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-18Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-21Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-24Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-26Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-34Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-46Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/analysis

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-50pg? w=794&h=529&mode=max’ date-rsbigimg=’’>Samsung Galaxy S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-52Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/review

imagem01-12-2017-11-12-54Samsung Galaxy Tab S3: review/analysis of


Given all this, as a result of the instrument in this regard is not very good, but not as if someone in the use of the tablet as the primary device for making images and videos – this will not Be practical. The cameras serve only to break a twig even in the case of the need to make video calls once in a while, for example.

The battery also

In the stress test, with the continued play the video for 1 hours with the screen brightness at the maximum power consumption of Galaxy S3 will hold about 9 hours before it runs out of power, which is great, but not enough to be impressive.

Already in the daily, the tablet can make about 2 days of use, as well as intense with only a few hours a day of video, web browsing and games. Moderate use for about 1 hour per day, you can even get 4 days, but without a lot of slack. And at the time of re-charging, Tab S3 takes 2 and a half hours to go from zero to 100%.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3


A point also worth mentioning here is the audio. The Galaxy S3 comes with a system with four headsets AKG put one in each corner of the painting, which ensures best sound quality even in the volumes, stronger and look at that gives to make it really strong, see?! In addition, the device does it all with a good balance between bass and treble, so the experience overall is very cool.

The cover device also includes headphones earplugs with good sound quality but not the same level of S8 or Note8. The thing doesn’t come with tab S3 is a cover with a keyboard which facilitate use of the tablet for those looking for a productivity device. Samsung sell this supplement with the official price $ 479, which is very expensive and not worth, the keyboard is good.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

To the end, it is interesting to say that the tablet has a fingerprint reader on the front, which also serves as the Home button. A good location, and his answer is quick in time to open the device, so nothing to complain about here.

Worth it?

On the website of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still sold by the Administrator, the value of R $ 3 thousand, which is very steep to. But it is only doing a little online research, you can find the R$ 2.5 thousand or even close to R$ 2.4 thousand, then gets more and more interesting for those who want an excellent device to break and comes with an excellent stylus.

Unfortunately, this value also does not include a cover with the keyboard, which would allow him to also serve for those who want to work or respond to emails with more ease. Way tab S3 is for those who are interested in machine productivity will receive more advantages when you buy a good ultrabook or Chromebook.

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Galaxy Tab S3

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But then what do you think about Galaxy Tab S3? Leave your feedback and doubts that may be left in the comments below, answer as fast as you can. If you are looking to buy one, Check out the links to the discounts that we separate.

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