Sony Xperia XZ Premium : Review

The Xperia XZ Premium  is Sony’s top-of-the-line smartphone  for the year 2017, and for that reason, it comes with the best hardware the Japanese company has been able to put on a mobile phone  so far. In addition to ensuring excellent performance, this means that the device has features that are not found in the competition, such as super slow motion, unique in today’s mobile devices, and the 4K HDR screen, which extracts all the experience that The company of the Land of the Rising Sun accumulated making TVs.

However, as much as XZ Premium has a lot of awesome features, it does not mean that it has no problems. In the following analysis, we will detail all the points where the smartphone excels and also explain the points in which the novelty of Sony simply leaves something to be desired.

Cool videos

The Xperia XZ Premium is the first phone to use Sony’s new Motion Eye technology, which integrates dedicated camera memory. Basically, this speeds up the processing speed of the images at the time of capture and, among other things, is what allows the SuperSloMo mode to reach rates of 960 frames per second, while most other phones use Stay closer to 240 fps in slow motion.

The Super Slow Camera mode achieves impressive results at 960 fps, but it has caveats

The result of super slow motion is really impressive, but while the feature is pretty cool, there are some things that bother a bit when it comes to using. Since the effect requires a lot of the device, super slow motion videos are limited to HD resolution at 720p. Recording starts at 30 fps and the 960 fps capture is only activated for two seconds when you tap the button, which turns into six seconds of slow motion video.

After that, the device will automatically resume recording at 30 fps until you enable SuperSloMo again. It is possible to press the function button several times during the same recording, but you will probably have to practice until you can set the time to activate the feature. In addition, the extremely high frame rate per second requires the filmed environment to be very well lit so the result will not be filled with visual noise.

Going now to normal videos, Sony’s camera allows you to make beautiful recordings in Full HD at 60 fps, or at 4K at 30 fps – and you can rest assured about the temperature, as the unit did not get too hot during recordings in the Resolution. Even so, it remains difficult to understand what led Sony to hide the 4K recording function in the middle of the camera’s extra applications instead of placing that option next to the normal settings.

Quality photos

Speaking now in photos, the 19 MP rear camera can produce great images even in auto mode, but you can fine-tune several important settings if you switch to the manual. Photographs in well-lit environments come out with excellent definition and great color and contrast.

In addition, predictive autofocus does a great job of tracking moving objects. In night shots or in dark places, the rear camera also achieves very good results, as you can see in the gallery below. All of this is worthy of a top-of-the-line smartphone.

Back camera photos:

Gallery 1

The front 13MP sensor has a good viewing angle and can produce good photos in well-lit places. However, the quality of selfies drops a lot if you’re in a dark place, and since the XZ Premium does not have a front flash, there’s not much you can do in that case. Here are some selfies below:

Front camera photos:

Gallery 2

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that the XZ Premium has a dedicated button on the side for the cameras. Pressing the key twice makes the camera open even with the screen off, but doing the same thing on the power button works for the same thing – and works faster. Press the camera button lightly to adjust the focus to the center of the image and click all the way to capture the scenes.

Delicacies of the 4K HDR screen

The display is another point that Sony has emphasized a lot in Xperia XZ Premium, and it has good reasons for that. The company relied on the technology of its own Bravia TVs and launched the 4K mobile phone and support HDR content on its LCD screen. This makes the 5.5-inch panel have a huge pixel density and optimum contrast, generating images that are the sharpest and most detail found on a current smartphone.

If you were afraid that the Xperia XZ Premium was equal to the Z5 Premium , which only increased the resolution to 4K when you were watching a video at that same quality level, then you can rest easy. The 4K works full time on the newer device and you can not lower the resolution or save battery power.

The brightness level of the screen is also very good, allowing you to see the images displayed even when using the cell phone under strong sun. Although the colors are not as prominent as in an AMOLED or Super AMOLED panel, the Triluminos technology that Sony has brought from their TVs can get quite close – and it certainly does a better job than most ordinary LCDs. In summary, Sony did an exceptional job on the screen of XZ Premium and the result pleased me a lot, especially when watching videos in 4K.

Android updated

Xperia XZ Premium comes pre-  installed with version 7.1 of Android Nougat installed, but Sony decided not to follow exactly the same Google Pixel path  on the interface. The Japanese company did not replace the apps drawer button with the swipe-up gesture, so the experience here remains the same as we have on older handsets.

Except for that detail, the rest of the operating system remains virtually unchanged, which is fine. Anyone who is accustomed to pure Android will feel at home.

Power of a top of the line

Going for performance, the Xperia XZ Premium lives up to its state-of-the-art smartphone status. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and the 4 GB of RAM are more than enough to ensure your phone can do everything you want, opening apps quickly and running without any gagging even when you have several heavy apps open.

Xperia XZ Premium runs very heavy apps and games very easily

Heavy games with demanding graphics, like Injustice 2 , run without the slightest sign of trouble and without delay in the shipments. The same thing also happens in titles with high rates of frames per second, like the Brazilian Horizon Chase .

Of the 64 GB of internal space, 15 GB goes to the system and to the embedded applications. There is no doubt that this number is great, but still have 49GB of storage, which is plenty of space to store photos, videos, music and apps. If this is not enough for you, you can increase the space by up to 256 GB with a micro SD card.


To see how the Xperia XZ Premium out in comparison to its main competitors, the device was submitted to three benchmark applications. The tests used were 3DMark  (Slingshot Extreme), AnTuTu Benchmark 6  and Vellamo Mobile Benchmark (HTML5 and Metal).

3D Mark offers a series of tests to benchmark smartphones. Among them, Slingshot Extreme lets you compare directly between processors and GPUs in content over Full HD. Display resolution is a factor that can affect the final result. The higher the score, the better the performance.

The AnTuTu 6 app lets you test the interface, CPU, GPU and RAM of the devices. The results are provided individually and added together to generate a total score. And here’s also the maximum for the points: the more, the better.

App not available for iOS

Vellamo Mobile Benchmark applies two tests to smartphones, measuring performance during Internet content access through browsers on the first, and processor performance in the second. Again, larger numbers indicate better results.

Battery with ups and downs

On the battery, we can say that XZ Premium is not the best, but it is not the worst either. Full-time 4K resolution showed its ugly side in our stress tests, making the phone take only 5 hours and 16 minutes of continuous video playback on YouTube , which is a pretty low number for a 3,230 mAh handset.

XZ Premium can not handle long continuous use

As a comparison, we can mention the intermediate Moto Z2 Play , which has only 3 thousand mAh and lasted almost triple the time under the same conditions. This basically means that if you are a user like me and use your smartphone enough to play and do lots of other things, then you will definitely need to do at least one recharge throughout the day.

It changed the picture when I tested a more moderate day of use, turning on the phone screen just to reply messages, spend a few minutes checking social networks, take one or another photo and record short videos. In that case, the battery lasted quietly all day, and still about 20{ba7c50b499466e2bc98e64e86783f47fa104b664381eab23e11769286d93b690} left over when I got home at night. Since I did not need to use Stamina mode from Sony, the result was positive.

In any case, it is important to mention that the recharge of the device is not the fastest, taking about 3 hours to go from 0{ba7c50b499466e2bc98e64e86783f47fa104b664381eab23e11769286d93b690} to 100{ba7c50b499466e2bc98e64e86783f47fa104b664381eab23e11769286d93b690} during a period of activity of the day. At bedtime, the Battery Care function further reduces the recharging speed above 90{ba7c50b499466e2bc98e64e86783f47fa104b664381eab23e11769286d93b690}, but in this case it serves to protect the battery against wear and prevent it from losing full capacity too fast.

Design: Achilles heel

If there is a specific point where Xperia XZ Premium really leaves something to be desired, it’s in the design. The square shape and the huge edges above and below the screen are a trademark of Sony. The style certainly appeals to a lot of people, but to me it’s an old-fashioned feeling, as if the company was stuck in time. Even so, this is a matter of taste, so everyone has to decide what they think of the visual on their own.

The worst thing is that Sony decided to make a mixture of materials in the device, which had a very bad result. The front and back are made of glass protected with Gorilla Glass 5, which helps protect the phone against scratches, but does not prevent it from being instantly covered with greasy finger marks.

The sides of the XZ Premium are made of a shiny plastic that tries to imitate the metal on the top and bottom edges of the device, but in practice can only get the feeling of having a slightly lower quality. At least the rounded shape gives a good footprint for such a great device.

Smooth made soap

The Xperia XZ Premium is very slippery

Even with the comfortable grip of the handset, you’ll probably want to hold your Xperia XZ Premium securely with both hands most of the time. The reason is that he is slippery like a fish. It is certainly the smoothest device I have ever held. If you put him on his lap while sitting, sooner or later he will fall. Probably early.

Even a table or smooth surface a little uneven is enough for the cell phone to slide slowly toward the floor when you’re not looking – and I’m not exaggerating. The result is obvious: it does not take long for the falls to be visible on the edges of the XZ Premium, especially on metal parts. It happened to me in a few days, even taking great care.

It gives you at least to be relieved knowing that the device will be fine even if you bring it down in the pool or in the toilet, since it is IP68 certified and can withstand short periods underwater. Just not worth the luck, okay? And nothing to plug the Type-C USB connector while it is wet.


Before closing, it is still worth mentioning that Sony has mastered the stereo speakers, which are in front of XZ Premium. They can reach high volumes without distorting the sounds in a perceptible way, no matter how much you feel the back of the phone vibrating with the audio. The sound experience is very good. And Sony even included basic headphones in the smartphone’s case – which is not quite a highlight, but it’s better than nothing.

The sound experience of the Xperia XZ Premium is great

On the digital player, it also serves as a power button and the position on the side is quite elegant and practical. Reading is pretty fast most of the time, but it tends to fail if you have a dirty finger or even a little sweaty, which is a bit annoying. Finally, it should be noted that the cell phone is not dual-SIM, but at least opening the lid and removing the tray is easy and requires no tools.

Worth it?

Although the official price of R $ 4 thousand can not be considered cheap, Sony surprised to launch its top of the line for a value similar to that of its main competitors. Usually, the company usually positions its products with values a little above rivals, so the attitude with its current flagship has been well received.

The Xperia XZ Premium is not far behind the other smartphones in the performance, screen and camera, and have unique unique features. The battery is by no means exceptional and can withstand a full day of moderate use, but intensive users who take advantage of the device’s capabilities will probably need to abuse the Stamina mode and always walk with the charger.

The worst point of the device is even the design, which is old-fashioned and slippery, so you’ll probably suffer from falls. Even so, that’s not enough to take away the brightness of the Xperia XZ Premium, which is certainly a smartphone worthy of competing with the current top of the line. Just guarantee a protective hood just in case, okay?


So, what did you think of the device? Share your opinion and any questions you have in the comments below. Those who are interested in purchasing the Xperia XZ Premium discount can check the links below.