Sony Xperia XZ1: review/analysis [video]

There are people who believe design line Xperia classudo, but there are people who believe that design stopped in time. The truth is that, today, smart phones from Sony to be a man very special, right. You see and know that the smartphone is to them. But this is not the time for Sony to start re-considering those concepts, to reduce the the pelvis, bringing the “What” of a novelty to a smart phone? It is about this and more than this we will talk now! Port.

Especificações Sony Xperia XZ1


This is a top of the line Sony at the moment, the Xperia XZ1. From the outside, let’s say, more smart phones from Sony, the same man who was carrying there at least 4 years. And in a world where smartphone manufacturers are innovating – there LG, Apple and Samsung making the hardware almost without a boundary with the air futuristic, Motorola created lasts so and so, here we do not see a lot of novelty. At least from the outside.

On the inside, Yes, we have settings for use of smart phones by 2017: Snapdragon 835, 4 GB of RAM, rear camera and 19 MP, support HDR to display Android 8.0 oreo factory works on top of all of this. But back to the design of the Xperia XZ1 is the successor to the Xperia XZ. It is a little smoother than peace, for justice to be done, not only Sony that still brings that edge. HTC, OnePlus, and even ASUS will continue along this line of thinking to your designs.

Not to mention that there are no external changes, is a little thinner than the power – now have 7.4 mm against the 8.1 mm Xperia XZ. This is all in one piece of aluminum, gives the impression of a powerful machine and at the same time is light in the hands. Well, points compared to the XZ.

Sony Xperia XZ1

On the side, it is possible to see signs of the antennas of the device. Sony says it is able to improve the signal reception, which means that your hand wherever she was carrying a smartphone, will not interfere with your call quality. There are still some minor changes on the design.

The dialogue is even more diverse than cause the footprint to get the best and fingers fall exactly where they should be. In the footprint natural with the left hand, the index fall exactly on the location of the Read fingerprint. With the right hand, the same thing happens with the thumb. Are different from each other, to be a fingerprint reader in places as much as strangers. On the left side, you must insert a micro SD card and the SIM card and the right side is a volume button, a dedicated camera button and a button on-off switch which is also a fingerprint sensor.

Completion of design: Xperia XZ1 is a certificate of IP65/68, so it is resistant to dust and water, whether immersion or aircraft of the force directed at him. In the upper and lower parts, we have the polished metal. Comes on top of a 3.5 mm headphone jack Standard, you comes USB-C.

Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony also put in XZ1 two boxes of pictures in the front, and they have a new technology called S-Force surround, which theoretically provides 50% of the sound pressure of XZ. Don’t sacrifice watching some videos or playing games on the device more new. Gives to hear everything very well and high and honestly I prefer this option to select the positioning of the speakers from Apple and Samsung, for example, that put them on the bottom, turn around, and cover with your hand. Here this is not the case. The sound is clean and crystal clear, regardless of the footprint.

In the back we have the main camera sensor in the traditional place at the top left, the flash also focus on the summit. To the end, in Brazil, the XZ1 is available in 4 colors: blue, gray, black, pink. We with black.

Is the design excellent, but this question will be a smartphone with the same person for several years. It seems that even Sony is tired of that Visual – at least that’s what many people reading there, but the facelift did not encounter in the company. That will be in the next year will see the Xperias with the guy more? Only time will tell.

Sony Xperia XZ1


In the world of larger screens than ever before, view the XZ1 is slightly smaller than the direct competition. Good, but this may be good news for those who enjoy small smartphones. It has a IPS LCD screen 5.2 inches protection Gorilla Glass 5 with Full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels) and brings Sony technology Triluminos. It is not the highest resolution in the market, increase in there 4K will only make a difference if you want to use your content in virtual reality.

In practice, the screen of the Sony don’t tend to disappoint for daily use. This is the case here: the brightness of the intense, bright colors. Only black, this is not enough compared to the AMOLED panels, but the overall quality is very good. Vision under strong sunlight as pleased.

Sony offers three control options White: Professional, virtual, and supervívido. In the first mode, the content, our panel RGB to display colors more realistic, but it’s not very beautiful to see compared to the other two settings. The standard leaves the colors a little more obvious system uses Triluminos, Supervívido gives more life to the screen, but you may find some of the saturated colors so much in this mode and everything with the face artificial. Anyway, there is a mode for every taste. It’s hard to be disappointed here.

Sony Xperia XZ1

To finish this part of the screen, and display the certificate HDR10. This means that services such as Netflix , for example, will make better use of that screen in terms of color contrast and clarity.


Here we are talking about the status of the connection. Brain of the XZ1 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, along with 4 GB of RAM. This allows you to run any application from Google Play without a name, without the slow. Gave to play asphalt extreme horizon the hunt, the title of two pesadinhos with no difficulty.

The response of the device is great, no complaints. Along Android 8.0 oreo, a proprietary interface from Sony, quite an advantage, at least it is light weight does not greatly affect the performance of the program. Yes there are still some unnecessary applications, but the movie Creator, simple video editor is an integral part of the mobile phone, and photo album good applications only name two of them. Complete the configuration of the internal storage of 64 GB and a micro SD card up to 256 GB.

Sony Xperia XZ1


The background sensor, the Exmor RS 19 MP, is the same that Sony showed the Xperia XZ premium. This means that you will have the image stabilization in 5 axes, the aperture of f/2.0 and the incredible 960 fps, which allow you to make these videos in super slow motion, very cool. It also allows recording videos in 4K resolution – although the screen will only be Full HD, you can get this video in better quality and viewing on a 4K TV, why not? Because it is clear that you have at home, isn’t it? Clear.

The sensor is the same as the XZ premium, but there are some new programs here on the XZ1. The first is that you can capture a series of images while maintaining focus on The moving object. This is possible thanks to autofocus with the prediction of the movements of Sony. This was available to record video in the previous models, but now it also works on images.

It is possible to take up to 100 pictures in 10 seconds and pick the best, and the beauty of it is that all of them are going to keep the selected object in focus. In our tests, this feature until it worked well, but you can notice that it loses a little when you don’t have to install a good camera. If by chance the phone moves too much, he won’t be able to make a prediction of the perfect movement, then some pictures will come out blurry. Hold your smartphone on a tripod, then yes, everything is beautiful.

Sony Xperia XZ1: review/analysis

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There is another odd joke in this camera: no sensor detects a smile, then the device takes three images even before you press the button. Although no autofocus is very fast and you don’t miss click of friends, but there is the registry.

For those who love the manual mode, the XZ1 is the full panel, all the settings. Still, it also works well if you’re the type who just wants to press A button to ensure the registration of the moment. The macro is surprising: you can take pictures of the details in the page very interesting.

Here, only the wonder of the camera, right? So. Today everything is fine. But when it comes night or in environments of low brightness, XZ1 patina. For comparison, check out the images above of people with the XZ1 and the other is made from Galaxy S8+. To understand the drama, isn’t it? The summary is: great camera in good lighting conditions, but the competition is not of the stroke if the topic is picture night.

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imagem01-12-2017-11-12-46Sony Xperia XZ1: review/analysis

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Front camera 13-megapixel and wide angle lens allows selfies with the whole class without cutting anyone. The quality is very good: you can take a lot of pictures of your self Instagram, Facebook and all social networks. There is also the possibility to use the screen as a flash to achieve a little bit of light at the time you make the click. Do not give to forget that there is a dedicated camera button on the side. And there, it is easy to take a picture quickly without having to search for the app or if the loss of several clicks on the screen.

Welcome to the third dimension!

One of the strange things XZ1 is a functional 3D scanner. Although it is not something that the average user is going to do all the time, is a function as well as cool to play with. The application allows 3D Creator comes pre-installed on the smart phone uses the rear camera to create three-dimensional models of any object.

The face and head food you choose. And it is very quick and easy to make. In less than 1 minute you can scan any object to participate on social media, set as your background or printing in a 3D printer. Yes, the files are generated here in the form of OB, compatible with nearly all 3D printers on the market. Here again, the problem is in the light. It is necessary to a well-lit environment for this task to capture the images properly.

Sony Xperia XZ1


Everything was beautiful, even now, isn’t it? As it was one of the points that XZ1 more sin: the battery. While the Xperia XZ has are 2,900 mAh, the XZ1 has been reduced to 2700 mAh. Well, here we have a Snapdragon 835, which requires less power and 1080p as it consumes less. But even with that, you won’t see a reduction in download something positive, as in the design of the device.

Apart from the numbers, this means that the XZ1 will arrive at the end of the day request gift carguinha this in light of the use of or moderate. If you are the type that checks your phone every 5 minutes, expect to get the charger in the back. If you want to watch videos on Netflix, require HDR, then yes, the battery goes even faster.

Sony Xperia XZ1

Sony has Stamina mode which gives a good battery, but takes the performance of the activities in the background to ensure a little additional contact. At least XZ1 supports fast charging 3.0, which gives nearly 50% of pregnancy with just 30 minutes.

Worth it?

It is indisputable that we have in our hands the device top of the line, with the characteristics of a top of the line. The key elements are the correct – screen, camera, processing power… in addition, the camera is the case with capture in 4K, or up to 960 fps. But between the XZ1 direct competitors, such as Galaxy S8, the iPhone 8 or LG V30, we end up choosing some of these. Not to mention the design is dated.

3D Creator is also cool, but it’s more a joke than a decisive factor for the purchase. Already the audio and watch the videos on Netflix is actually higher than expected. In short: the XZ1 is more device from Sony, which uses the same formula for years from Sony. A good device no doubt, but you can always access at a high price – in the case of R$ 3.799.

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Sony Xperia XZ1

Create price alert version of the system OperacionalAndroid 8.0 OreoTipo of TelaIPS LCD with 16 million coresTamanho of Tela5.2 polegadasResolução of Tela1080 x 1920 pixelsChipsetQualcomm MSM8998 Snapdragon 835Memória RAM4 GB RAMArmazenamento Interno64 GBCartão of MemóriamicroSD, expandable up to 256 GBCâmera Traseira19 megapixel 1/2.3’Capacidade of Bateria2700 mAhcompare more products? Latest newsSony Xperia XZ1Sony Xperia XZ1latest NotíciasVazam technical information and price of Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 compact there are 98 days

If you use your smart phone to play a lot, or watching videos, the XZ1 will also. Just don’t forget to take the charger along. Now, if you want a smartphone with top of the line to achieve so it is good to consider the competition.


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