Caution! A new threat appears every 10 seconds for Android devices

Devices that use Android are increasingly more likely to suffer from cyber attacks. According to a study conducted by the Data Group company providing anti-virus solutions, every 10 seconds a new threat arises to the operating system.

The analysis is carried out on a quarterly basis by the company, according to him, between July and October of this year were found more than 810 thousand threats, 17{6911ae69f1bcf5890041c3408cc3a4298e3d0a53e33c667e191176e9e725e5c7} more than in the previous. The report is that by the beginning of 2018 to appear about 3.5 billion of malware.


The devices most at risk are those who do not have the latest version of the operating system (Android oreo 8.0). The Google reported that only 18{6911ae69f1bcf5890041c3408cc3a4298e3d0a53e33c667e191176e9e725e5c7} of users in version 7.0, which was released about a year ago. According to the manufacturer should reconsider the situation in this place its customers and providing continuous updates to the devices.

Android atualizado

Preferences ciberciminosos is a network of devices, such as Wi-Fi (Krack), Bluetooth (Blueborne) and Android (Gooligan). Such as security updates more steady and happens on devices from Google (Nexus), others are subject to suffering for a longer time.

Security on mobile devices should be treated seriously, because it is, increasingly part of the routine of our lives. Even if the apps are updated constantly, and manufacturers to cooperate even to TRUSTED DEVICES. I had suffered from the attacks on devices? Leave your opinion in the comments.


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