Google’s pixel 2 XL? Tortured? In a test of strength and durability

Youtube channel “Jerry rig everything” is famous for testing the durability and resistance in various smart phones. During the session of torture, the Google pixel 2 XL presented many problems.

One of the that is found in the jacket “hybrid” that serves to convey the metal from the plastic to the aluminum. To be scratched with a key, This protection disappears with ease. This coverage extends to nearly all the buttons following the same logic the body of the instrument.

The problem that always occurred on the devices Google the ease of removing the logo ‘G’ in the bottom rear of the device. Fortunately, in the pixel 2 The XL it only comes out after scraping large.


The biggest feature found in the comparison with the pixel 2 was the resistance in the selection of a curvature which is smaller than that in the XL version. Another advantage is the time needed to burn the pixels of the screen on the XL is about three times more time consuming.


Both devices fared well in the tests, but the version produced by HTC has provided the highest resistance in the various steps performed by the channel. What do you think in this state of torture technology? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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