A list of the 10 movies are the most pirated of the week

Following the tradition, United States website TorrentFreak released yesterday (27) with a list of 10 movies has been pirated during the last seven days. In order to create these rankings do Search in files that have been downloaded from the BitTorrent network — one of the most popular today.

Check the bottom of the rankings the full of the movie along with official trailer of each one. It is worth mentioning that the list that was disclosed only for information purposes – perfectly do not support nor condone the practice of piracy. We recommend the readers to watch movies via certified.

After weeks with little change, now half of the list has been renewed with new films. The highlight goes to the new leader-work “Kingsman: the Golden circle”. However, the production of all the tastes of the dramas and movies of the disaster until the knowledge of the company. Check out the ranking below.

10. Hangman

9. THOR: Ragnarok

8. Double explosive

7. Back to product

6. Wild land

5. Logan lucky secret in the family

4. Storm: planet Fury

3. Valerian the city of a thousand planets

2. Next: the first goal

1. Kingsman: the Golden circle

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