Microsoft Executive to go to Google to reveal the problems of the old company

Tim Sneath former Product Manager at Microsoft and a veteran of the company Bill Gates for 17 years, decided to go work in Google and in an article on medium, explaining why they chose to swap one company from another side. According to him, the biggest problem with Microsoft was the fight for internal power and control, while the developers who work on top of their product being ignored.

Full app developer that the time Microsoft was at the epicenter of the

“Despite all the success in Microsoft suffered the most in the last decade is already the greatest virtue: the client. When I started at Microsoft in 2000, Windows and Internet Explorer may retain, visual basics was at its peak, the shelves of Best Buy of Circuit City fully funds programs to consumers. Full app developer that the time was Microsoft’s focus,” wrote Sneath to the age of from another company.

The story began to turn against Microsoft, according to Sneath, when the company began work on Windows Vista. “The company was unable to adapt quickly to new competitive threats of web-based standards return to Apple with the iPhone. Rapid growth left the company in ‘the dilemma of the Defender’, being attacked by all sides, while I was upset to sacrifice the business based on new opportunities”.

New platforms without compromise

Sneath still reports Microsoft scares over the developer community through the release and launch of new platforms but not the obligation to full them. The Executive attributes this failure to a lack of cohesion between the sections of the company, and cited “internal battles” for power and control in the company, which eventually became the company’s unpredictable and unreliable in the eyes of developers, especially when compared with Google and Apple.

The Executive is now working on a project flutter, SDK so that developers can create apps full and modern for Android and iOS from Windows, Mac and Linux without any kind of limitation. The product is still in the alpha stage of development, but aims to offer a uniform way to create applications for the two mobile platforms without fragmentation or compatibility problems between the specific APIs.

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