Scientists create? Machine a hallucination? With the use of psychedelic VR AI

There are a lot of time trying to unravel the secrets behind the causes of hallucination, especially since they are driven by account specific conditions and drugs. This makes it very difficult to determine what really transforms our perception. However, the project uses a virtual reality (or VR) in collaboration with the distorted images, generated by artificial intelligence (or artificial intelligence — AI) can give evidence of how understanding the human brain.

Simulator exchg repeated porversões distorted

“Machine vision” algorithm uses resulting from the open version DeepDream, the Amnesty International of Google, and uses the immersion of a VR experience can create “hallucinations biological”, that is your body really feel “the flight” as if it were from eating mushrooms, according to the document attached along with nature.

This project was developed by researchers at the center sackler on the Science of consciousness, University of Sussex in Brighton, England. The device uses the videos mimic the natural landscape, such as the campus of the same institution, except that in the versions lisérgicas, thanks to the use of so-called neural networks convolutivas deep (DCNNs). If you have ever had nightmares of seeing the celebration of DeepDream , then you know more or less what it is.

máquina de alucinação

On the DCCNs is a system that can be trained to detect the presence of patterns and pictures and arrange the pictures automatically. When the mind frequently happens to “excess”, it creates distortions that may leave anyone with a VR headset by pressing.

Tests used volunteers who used the drug

Well, to get results more acceptable, it was necessary to have volunteers who actually had some acid trip or mushrooms. Therefore, the researchers decided to do two tests. The first study of the “health” of the hallucinations provided by the tool. 12 participants evaluated their experiences during the simulation, as well as videos with “normal”, and then answered the questionnaire specifically to obtain data on the psychedelic experiences.

The possibility of VR in Neuroscience is very large and continues to grow. In five years, this will change everything

The results were compared with a survey conducted with volunteers who administered psilocybin, a substance found in hallucinogenic mushrooms. The conclusion is that the responses were very similar. The second pointed out that the device of a hallucination that will lead them to a state of “time warp” in that many users report hair loss at that time. In this case there was a significant difference, which indicates that this type of experience can not be maintained by the VR, in collaboration with Amnesty International.

máquina de alucinação

But what is the main reason to create this device? Well, not for the purposes of “recreation”, as many might think. The development of the project can help to better understand the brain under the action of hallucinogenic and expert help to find the symptoms of depression and schizophrenia. And this would be a big step to avoid problems, rather than dealing with it later.

Assistant Director of the center sackler on the Science of consciousness, University of Sussex, Anil Seth was very excited even nailed: “the possibility of VR in Neuroscience is very large and continues to grow. In five years, this will change everything.” Check out his presentation:

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