The impurities in the face that allows hackers to delete any photo from the Polls – perfectly

Every time a new feature comes to a platform there is a risk that there are defects and loopholes susceptible to invasion. This time the problem affected the Polls to the web version of Facebook: a security researcher managed to delete the photo from others by exploiting an error in identification.

To test the novelty, Pouya darabi noted that the social network sent a request to the server with the ID value of the image or images that represent the case. It was possible to change this figure any one is located in the system of Facebook, even those of others.

BUG FACEThe researcher shows, it was the identities of the pictures

Thus was created a graphical representation, even if the original owners don’t liberassem this content. Delete poll number “stolen” from other accounts went along to the world of women. Any guy can guess the “real growth” of the illustration that I sent to Facebook and use it as “tokens” of his question. To delete it, the material also went to trash, even without a permit.

Check out the video that proves it:

The good news is that the company fix the error so that Darby found that in the beginning of November. It was a bonus from the program, the discovery of the cell, with a prize of $ 10 thousand.

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