The study says that 4 million of the bitcoins can be lost forever

Market search the blockchain made by the company Chainalysis revealed nothing encouraging for those who invest in Bitcoins. According to the data published in the Journal of Fortunebetween 2,78 and 3.79 million famous criptomoedas completely lost – the numbers are the equivalent of 17{be71c7e051f1551ec761c49f0d6ccdb0a45b8aa07bbb7e95abd837cc56ae2867} to 23{be71c7e051f1551ec761c49f0d6ccdb0a45b8aa07bbb7e95abd837cc56ae2867} of all Bitcoins existing.

Most of the losses will be the result of the first emission is made from these Coins, which at the time was worth a few cents; in fact, 100{be71c7e051f1551ec761c49f0d6ccdb0a45b8aa07bbb7e95abd837cc56ae2867} of the original pieces have been lost. With them having reached the record level of $ 9 thousand, of course, should not be surprised to learn that there were any losses in the coins mined in 2017.

As to the coins used in transactions or strategic investments? This expected loss is only 4{be71c7e051f1551ec761c49f0d6ccdb0a45b8aa07bbb7e95abd837cc56ae2867} in the community.

Gráfico de Bitcoins perdidas

Be that as it may lead to the fact very annoying: Bitcoins may be rarer than we think. There is also the possibility that the market is already taking these missing pieces into account, which makes the effect of this shortage of coins, even more difficult to predict.

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