The White House, may prevent its employees from using a mobile phone at work

The White House is thought to prevent its employees from using personal mobile phones during work. It is worth mentioning that the President of the United States Donald Trump is usually to blame on the use of personal mobile phones in the seat of government leaks unauthorized information to the press, which can be one of the reasons for the ban.

However, according to officials in the administration Trump, the procedure would be the issue of cyber security. Official says that there are many devices connected to the network wireless connections in all parts of the White House, the telephone tend not to be as safe as those developed by teams of intelligence to be more resistant to invasions and objection.

Donald Trump“Oh, shut the cell phone!”

Who will be pulling the chorus of the prohibition of the use of personal phone during working hours is the White House chief of staff John Kelly. Kelly was cell invasion by pirates in the beginning of this year, which to some extent justifies their concern on this type of event does not recur.

Currently, the White House already has a policy to prevent the arrival of mobile phones in the room where Secret meetings, but the idea is to expand the restrictions. According to the official, who spoke to Bloomberg on condition of anonymity, the theme is not yet determined, so I’m not sure when (or if) it can not be deduced from the fact, or if it would extend even to the personal team of Trump, for example.

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