Android: how to record all your links automatically

Did you have a fight with someone and said: “I have recorded what he said,” and still more from the conversations on the phone, where you can become easily distracted lose what he said? Maybe there is a solution for these cases. If the connections are made via a smartphone Android, I know that it is possible to easily record calls.

The application “Call Recorder” (Automatic Call Recorder), the Appliqato, free makes this service very well. If you want to know how to use it and a better understanding about its features, follow the tutorial below.

The first step

Download Call Recorder from Google Play and install it on your smartphone. It is free and very light, so it should not harm the performance of your device.


The second step

By definition, it is already active once you install. When you enter the app, it will ask if you want to change the colors of the background and maintain some connection to the cloud to store files. Go to three stores on the side of “recordings” refer to the thread “call recording enabled”.


The second step

When you call, you have to be sure that the application is recording the red ball will appear in the notifications area. Once the call is completed, another notification will tell you of a new recorded audio file.


The fourth step

As soon when you open the app, the main menu, you can view, listen, edit, save and delete the file conversation to save: just click on the conversation that you want.


However, if you are the person who is talking on a cell phone, remember that the sound files also occupy space in memory. So always stay connected if the recordings are not eating the capabilities of your device.

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