How to transfer address book contacts from iPhone to Android

I decided to migrate from iPhone to a device on Android? Because there are many services that allow you to backup your personal files (click here to learn how to backup photos from iOS). The truth is that the export of the contacts of the agenda may be automatically or manually through the tool features iCloud and also the services of Google.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to transfer your iPhone contacts to Android phone. The establishment of an accessory .vcf and then sync your data to your Google account using nothing more than your computer a new smart phone. It will be possible to store the names and numbers of your friends, both in phone memory as in your account Gmail. See how easy it is!

Export your contacts via iCloud

1. Open iCloud on your PC (you can use the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari , for example) and sign stating your Apple ID and your password.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-32Enter your Apple ID and your password

2. then click on the option “Contacts” and “all names” so that the calendar records your every show. Select your contacts: use the command “command” + “A” on Mac OS X or “Ctrl” + “A” on Windows.

3. now open the options via a button on the gear that should appear to the left of the footer, then click “Export vCard…”.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-34Click on the button on the gear to access options table

4 – file .vcf downloaded by your browser and saved in the folder “downloads”.

How to import contacts via Google

1 – login to your Google account through this page. Then click on “more” and open the “contacts”option.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-36It is possible to import your contacts via Gmail

2 – click on “import contacts” in the screen that appears, click “Choose File”. Browse your computer and find the file .vcf which has been downloaded through iCloud.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-37Select in seuida, your file .vcf

3. make this a red alert should be displayed: click on “find and merge duplicate contacts”, select the records that should be merged, and then end the process of “integration”.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-39Select the contacts that should be merged or not

Sync your Google account with your Android

Integrated communications through Gmail browsers can be added to your Android device. Those who still have not turned on the new phone you can choose the Sync function by registering the email account. Already activated your smart phone with the address of Google? Also data synchronization is also possible.

1 – Open the “settings” and tap “Accounts & sync”.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-55The interface can vary according to device and version of Android installed

2 – Select “Google” as a source of data synchronization.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-30The same Google account used during the Merge contacts must be used

3 – Click on the three dots and enable the service “Sync now”.

How to add contacts from iPhone to Android

Attention: this option is for users who do not have the Google Account sync. Those who want to save your contacts manually you can choose one .the vcf by email service.

1 – send the extension .vcf to the message box of an electronic key in the email service on your mobile phone, such as Gmail.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-31Send the file .vcf to your email and then download

2 – Download the file and then drag the screen from down the notifications; Tap on development, and to identify the actions that must be performed.

imagem20-03-2018-16-03-41Click on implementation and select the location where you must save contacts

Ready! The contacts can be saved in Gmail or in the phone memory in the smartphone, Nexus, Android or Google Play Edition contacts that can be saved directly in the phone’s calendar.

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