Netflix: How do you see the film catalogue of the United States of America with subtitles

imagem27-03-2018-14-03-23 Netflix u.s. (Image source: perfectly/Baixaki)

On Netflix Brazil has a lot of limited content. In addition to a variety of movies and shows also feature that leaves much to be desired in women tupiniquim service.

American site, on the other hand, has a collection of giant receives a wave of new films every month. You may think that this is good news only for those who live in the United States of America, but today we will show you a way for those contents that are usually blocked for Brazilians.

In addition to giving macete to reach u.s. Service we will show you in this lesson by download Portuguese subtitles and enjoy the movies in the same way as you do on Netflix Brazil.

You will need to…

Baixar Hola Unblocker para Firefox

  • Hola Unblocker for Chrome

Baixar Hola Unblocker para Google Chrome

  • Hola Unblocker for Internet Explorer

Baixar Hola

  • Jubler

Baixar Jubler

Access to the “Netflix” of America

  • Install the appropriate version of Hola Unblocker to your browser; imagem27-03-2018-14-03-26 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)note: in the case of Internet Explorer Windows will install the app.
  • Go to the Services window (by clicking on the icon in the navigation bar);
  • Check if Netflix is locked. The green button in the upper right corner of the icon indicates that the site can be accessed;imagem27-03-2018-14-03-27 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Open the “Netflix” by clicking on “” under the banner of the service;
  • Log in using your account (can be on account of Brazil);imagem27-03-2018-14-03-28 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Enjoy the catalog of American films.

Very good, now you can access elements of the Netflix from the USA, you can see that the site only provides audio and English subtitles. To work around this problem, we will teach you to select subtitles downloaded from other sites. Track:

  • The movie selection on Netflix to watch;
  • Download legend DVDRip of any website with such content;
  • Download file must be in the form of SRT, but Netflix does not accept this type of extension. To proceed, you must download and install the program Jubler;
  • After opening the program, click on the “File” menu and then select the option to “open”, imagem27-03-2018-14-03-29 (image source: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Select the caption that will be edited;
  • Again open the menu “File” and then click “Save As”;
  • Set the format: timed text W3C (*.xml);imagem27-03-2018-14-03-30 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Set UTF-8 encoding;
  • Enter the name of the file, and then click “Save”;
  • Now navigate to the folder where the caption; the imagem27-03-2018-14-03-32 (source of the photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Check-in “Folder Options” if I edit the extensions are released;imagem27-03-2018-14-03-33 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Change the form caption from XML to DFXP;imagem27-03-2018-14-03-34 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • The movie opens on the Netflix;
  • Press Alt and Shift and click the left mouse button in any area of the screen; imagem27-03-2018-14-03-35 (source photo: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Click on the option “load custom DFXP file”;
  • Select the comment that you saved in Jubler. Note: the comment will go in place of the legend standard. To implement, simply click on the captions icon and enable the option “English”.
  • Press “play” on the Netflix and check whether the coincident times. If the lines are concurrent, you can modify the time in Jubler;s/2018/03/imagem27-03-2018-14-03-36.jpeg” alt=”imagem27-03-2018-14-03-36″ width=”800″ height=”400″ /> (image source: perfectly/Baixaki)
  • Enjoy your favorite movies!

It was easy, isn’t it? Of course, there are other extensions and methods to perform the same procedure, but this method is the most complete as to enable the lifting of the ban of many websites (such as Pandora and Hulu). AsAre you have other tips and share them with others in the comments section.

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